Watch me disappear

Just thinspo to motivate weight loss!
~ Some images may be triggering ~

HW: 140 lbs
SW: 136 lbs
CW: ?
GW1: 132 lbs
GW2: 126 lbs
GW3: 122 lbs
UGW: 119 lbs

Height: 5ft 6"
Anonymous asked: you're okay? you haven't posted for awhile, and i'm worried. i hope you're just on vacation or something.


Things are very hectic at the moment! So much going on around me its hard to keep up! I need to start posting more often, I will do my best to get back on track!

I’m okay though! Thank you for caring haha :) here if you need someone - E xx

Anonymous asked: what do hw, sw, cw, ugw etc. mean? .-.


HW- Highest weight
SW- Start weight
CW- Current weight
GW1- First goal weight
GW2- Second goal weight
GW3- Third goal weight
UGW- Ultimate goal weight

:) xx

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